My undergraduate work was done at Brigham Young University where I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology and a Minor in Statistics in 2012.  My current research interests include applications of integral approximation methods to non-linear mixed models and planned missing data designs.

Invited Book Review

Smith, N.*, & Blozis, S. A. (in press). Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications. Structural Equation Modeling.

Paper Presentations

Smith, N., & Blozis, S. A. Approximation methods and quadrature points in PROC NLMIXED: A simulation study using structured latent curve models. A paper presented at the Annual Meeting of Western Users of SAS Software, San Diego, CA.  9-11 September 2015.

Smith, N. Integral approximation methods for non-linear models: Quadrature points and adaptive estimation for structured latent curve models. A paper presented at the 3rd Annual Meeting of Innovations in Latent Variable and Random-Effects Models. Champlin, MN.  18-19 September 2015.

Paper Proceedings

Smith, N. (2014). Options in estimating nonlinear mixed models: Quadrature points and approximation methods. Western Users of SAS Sofware 2014 Conference Proceedings.


WUSS 2015 Student Scholarship Award Recipient

WUSS 2014 Student Scholarship Award Recipient



Nate Smith
Psychology Department
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University of California, Davis
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